Genomic medicine is transforming healthcare, and enabling an entirely new business model for physicians and nutrition professionals.

Typical one-size-fits-all, trial and error, and crisis-driven approaches to healthcare are expensive, inefficient, and out-of-date. Effective prevention strategies are limited. More personalized approaches to healthcare are growing, but they still often lack precision.

Patients are becoming more involved in healthcare decisions. They want to better understand their symptoms, conditions and appropriate interventions. Many are proactive, and recognize that diet and exercise have an impact on their wellness, longevity, and the ability to heal. They want to know the How, What and Why.

Genomic medicine can help you give them the answers they seek, and provide you with the professional rewards and satisfaction you want.

Genomic testing provides scientific data on a level that wasn’t available before, allowing you to tailor healthcare at the individual level with vastly improved precision. When comprehensive genomic testing is used as part of an integrative approach, it will elevate your practice to a new level of care. You’ll create personalized, DNA-directed roadmaps that save time and resources for you and your patients, and produce better health outcomes.

Genoma International’s comprehensive genomic testing is clinically focused. It can evaluate predispositions for and insights into over 200 health conditions, and the biologic systems that drive them, providing unparalleled insights into complex gene-gene and gene-environmental interconnectivity. It also provides insight into gene-drug interactions for more than 200 medications. You can leverage this information to provide personalized, DNA-directed prevention and treatment plans—delivering up-to-date care to your patients.

Knowing how to harness the power of genomic testing can be a challenge. We’ve been pioneering genomic medicine since 2001. With more than 24 years collective experience in using genomics in a clinical practice, we know how to translate the information and create a successful business that is both professionally and financially rewarding.

We offer many Genomic Education opportunities to learn about the science, clinical applications and business strategies to support the development of a genomically-informed, comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Learn more about how Genoma helped a seasoned functional medicine physician and a dietitian new to genomics in this video below.

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