Training Program FAQs


How long does it take to complete the Training Program?

  • The online recorded webinar portion is 34 sessions across 7 Modules, for a total of 60 hours. Each Module has short quizzes after each lesson, to ensure you are comprehending the information. We also suggest learning integration exercises at the end of each Module to help you implement what you are learning. Lastly, you'll have 10 sessions of live Q&A and group coaching for a total of 100 hours of learning time.
  • If you choose the Certification option, you will need to spend approximately 2-4 hours to prepare your case study, and you will have up to 18 months to submit your case study.

How long will I have access to the Training Program materials?

  • You have access to all materials for eighteen months. After that, you'll be given an option to retain access.
  • The slides, study guides and other downloadable materials are yours forever.

If I'm brand new to genomics, can I enroll in the Training Program?

  • Any clinician who has been approved for a Genoma International Professional Membership can take advantage of the program. If you are new to genomics or functional medicine/nutrition, we highly recommend taking some of our introductory courses first.

What are the benefits of the Training Program?

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the biochemistry, physiology, and genomics that underlie many of the chronic diseases you see in practice today.
  • PLUS the clinical tools and strategies you need to create personalized genomic medicine or nutrition programs for your patients.
  • Transform your practice, improve patient outcomes, and differentiate yourself from the competition by being a leader in providing personalized, DNA-directed healthcare.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your area.
  • Add effective business tools and strategies to grow your practice.
  • Benefit from special discounts and access to exclusive products and services.
  • Enjoy monthly live interaction with your instructors and colleagues.
  • Become part of a community of like-minded colleagues, and gain a lifetime of support through the connections you make.
  • Earn continuing education credits if you choose this option.
  • Receive a certificate demonstrating successful completion of the Training Program.
  • Benefit from patient/client referral requests in your area.
  • Be eligible for continuing your learning and community connections through the Mastermind Membership.

What are the benefits of Certification in addition to the Training Program?

  • Establish yourself as a true Genomic Medicine expert.
  • Receive a handsome certificate announcing your Certification status, suitable for framing and displaying in your office.
  • Receive a logo for your website establishing your credentials as a Certified Genomic Medicine Clinician™.
  • Receive priority for patient/client referral requests in your area.
  • Be eligible to join our clinical support, Wellness Center or Corporate Wellness team.
  • Receive additional perks and discounts available only to Certified clinicians.

Does the program qualify for continuing education credits?

  • Genoma International is a CDR accredited provider for CPE credits for dietitians; 100 CPE credits are available for the Training Program.
  • Genoma International offers 100 CME credits through a partnership with Westbrook University.
  • Other healthcare professionals please check with your licensing and/or accrediting bodies to see if you can claim continuing education credits.
  • Additional accreditations/approvals are in process for other healthcare professions including chiropractors and doctors of oriental medicine.

Who teaches the program?

  • Instructors Joe Veltmann, PhD, DCCN, FAAIM and Roberta Kline, MD FACOG teach the Training Program. Together they have more than 70 years of collective experience in research and clinical healthcare - ranging from private practice, corporate wellness, and commercial settings. They have extensive experience designing and teaching courses to the public, healthcare professionals, and at universities. To learn more about our instructors, click here.

What if I only want to take some of the Modules - can I still take the Program?

  • You must successfully complete all of the required Modules to earn your certificate of completion and be eligible for certification. If you are not looking for a certificate or continuing education credits, you can choose to complete only the Modules you are interested in.

I've already had genomic testing done by another company. Can I use that?

  • No. The Training Program is geared toward our comprehensive testing, which provides the necessary tools for optimal learning. You will not find the same comprehensive coverage in any other test.

I've already had my Ultimate Wellness or Pharmacogenomic test done. Can I get a discount if I use that?

  • The tests are included in the package. If you have recently had your Ultimate Wellness and/or Pharmacogenomic test done for yourself, you can use the tests included in the Program for a family member or patient. If it has been a year or more since your test was done, you also may want the updated report for yourself. Contact us if you have questions.

Can I use the information learned in this course to interpret raw data from other genomic testing companies such as 23andme?

  • This program is designed for Genoma International clinicians. It is intended to provide the information you need to most effectively use Genoma International's comprehensive genomic testing, and integrate it within a whole-person approach to health. While you can apply this knowledge of genomic medicine to all of your patients, this program is not designed to provide instruction on interpreting raw data or results from other testing companies.

I'm still not sure if this is the right course for me. Can you provide any suggestions for helping me decide?

  • The program is for serious clinicians who are vested in their professional growth and development, and are interested in diving in and embracing a comprehensive approach toward genomic medicine.
  • Our goal is to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills to be able to use genomics now, and as it continues to grow in the future.
  • Our focus is to train clinicians to use Genoma International genomic testing within a comprehensive approach to apply genomic medicine effectively and with confidence.
  • If you are looking for protocols and a cookie-cutter approach to genomics, this course is not for you. 


To provide this deep level of foundation and knowledge, this course is unique in several ways:

1. We teach both the science and the clinical integration, demonstrating with case histories. Collectively, Dr. Veltmann and Dr. Kline have more than 24 years using genomics in a clinical setting. Our extensive experience in both research and clinical aspects of genomics enables you to shorten your learning curve and accelerate your success.

2. Our proprietary GENESIS Matrix™ clinical model provides a framework to help you put things all together, for much more effective way to approach genomics within an integrated, whole person health model.

3. The professional development, business and marketing strategies will give you new tools to gain additional insights to create a successful and rewarding practice with genomic medicine or nutrition.

4. The course is self-paced to provide you with flexibility to learn on your own schedule, PLUS there are monthly live sessions to provide for ability to interact and ask questions.

5. We include an Ultimate Wellness test for each student so that you will have an experiential component to learn how to actually do and implement what you are learning.

6. If you're interested in the certification, you'll benefit from extra learning through the process of creating the case study.

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