Genomic Testing

From a small DNA sample collected by a simple cheek swab, we analyze and translate large amounts of genomic data into personalized and actionable information, addressing broad or specialized areas of concern. Our comprehensive genomic reports provide clinicians with evidence-based roadmaps guiding dietary and lifestyle interventions.

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Privacy of genomic information is a top priority for us, and we take several steps to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect this information from the time we receive a sample to the completed report that is supplied only to the ordering clinician. Each sample is de-identified before being processed in an ISO certified lab. ISO certification means it meets strict requirements for clinical quality as well as privacy – even more stringent than CLIA. Samples are destroyed after results are determined, are not used for any other purpose, and data is never sold to a third party.

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Genomic tests can be ordered only by approved clinicians.
If you are not a clinician, please contact us for providers in your area.

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