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Every Disease Has a Story. Genomics Helps You Rewrite It.

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A model… with priorities and direction.

Testing, interpretation, and personalized interventions based on DNA roadmap… with training, clinical support, and seamless integration into clinical practice and Corporate Wellness Programs.


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The Genesis Matrix™

The seven elements proven to impact health


Vitamin/Mineral Requirements
Food Cravings

Alzheimer’s Disease
Oxidative Stress

Power & Endurance
Injury & Recovery
Nutrition & Supplements

Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure

Articles & news

Why Genomic Testing for Health?

Listen in! Genoma co-founder Dr. Bobbi Kline joins Sarajean Rudman on the East West Functional Medicine podcast to talk about genomics – what it is and what it isn’t, how genomics differs from genetics, the power of learning about your genome, and the future of genomics in healthcare.

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Genomics and Personalized Wellness: Setting the Record Straight

This is the first in a series of four posts for corporate executives, medical and HR directors who are considering or interested in providing genomic testing to your employees and have concerns, might be confused or need clarity about which DNA-based testing will provide your company and employees the most value. Having pioneered genomic testing […]

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Adverse drug reactions, over prescribing, under prescribing, and trial-and-error attempts to identify appropriate medications puts patients at risk and wastes billions of dollars every year. Half of the U.S. adult population uses at least one medication on a regular basis, and 15% are using five or more. Adverse drug events among adults are estimated by the […]

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