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When you know a patient's genomic profile, you can literally build and rebuild the body.

Discover the power of Genomic testing

Genoma International’s comprehensive genomic testing generates powerful results. Inspire your patients to work with their DNA, instead of against it, and achieve the happy and healthy lifestyle they deserve.

Our comprehensive nutritional genomic and pharmacogenomic test panels provide the foundation for personalized care for each patient—every time.

Sample collection is quick and easy with a simple cheek swab. The DNA is then analyzed in a CLIA and CAP certified lab using our proprietary selection of genes that meet a strict set of criteria, and are designed for clinical use. Each evaluated gene SNP is thoroughly researched for its impact and future action steps.

Safe and secure, your identity is removed before the sample is processed in the lab, and your data is protected. We never share or sell your data with third parties.


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“After having been treated for cancer and now struggling with autoimmune disease, my genomic profile was priceless—it enabled my physician to truly personalize my healthcare plan. Genomic testing has made a world of difference in my health and my life.”

- L.A.