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Module 7: Learning Integration

Now take all of the dietary and lifestyle plans you’ve created throughout the Training Program, and add in the detoxification (or bio-transformation) genes from your report to see if you need to make any further adjustments. Do you need any other biomarker testing that would be helpful to explore how your genes and environment are …

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Module 7 Lesson 4

Now we’ll bring things all together.  With a focus on bio-transformation, you’ll see how to integrate genomic information from all of the Modules within the context of this clinical example.

Module 7 Lesson 3

In this session, we’ll explore phase 3 and phase 4 biotransformation processes, and genes that can impact their functioning.

Module 7 Lesson 2

Now we’ll go through phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification, and the many genes that can impact various parts of this complex process.

Module 7 Lesson 1

In this session, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the toxins confronting us every day.

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