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Join Us for the Healthcare Revolution Conference

Join Genoma co-founder Dr. Kline at the HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION conference Oct 28-30 2018 as she presents an engaging and informative Ignite! Talk : The Power of Nutrigenomics: Real World Results. Lasting Benefits.

Why Genomics and Why Now?

The one-size-fits-all, crisis-driven approach to health is failing us all – costing money and costing lives. Most of the chronic disease epidemic can be traced back to a collision course between our genes and our diet, environment and lifestyle.

Nutrigenomics, as part of a comprehensive genomic medicine approach, addresses this epidemic at the root. Proven to improve health and save money, this is the healthcare of the future. And it’s here now.

Every disease has a beginning, but we are not fated to what lies in our DNA. Genomics gives us the tools to rewrite our own health stories.

Dr. Kline will share stories of patients who have experienced the power of genomics in being able to change the course of their health. Through their stories, you’ll gain an appreciation for:

  • What nutrigenomics is and how it works.
  • Why a comprehensive genomic medicine approach provides the best value for optimizing health.
  • How this new approach can provide a lifetime of benefits for you, your family, and your employees.

The Business of Genomics Summit is one of many venues at the HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION conference for addressing some of the hottest trends and topics, and will bring together leading employers, brokers, consultants, TPA’s and payers to come together to discuss innovative solutions and disruptive ideas to address common problems and challenges in the corporate wellness industry. Genomics is an innovative solution that is moving the industry into a new direction, enabling corporate wellness programs to leapfrog ahead.

Clinicians, learn more about using genomics in your practice in our Genomic Medicine Certification Program.

Genomic testing is available only to clinicians with a Professional Membership. Apply for one here.

Looking for a clinician to help you? Contact us to find a clinician in your area, or visit our Wellness Center.

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