Personalizing Bio-transformation with Genomic Medicine

Personalizing Bio-transformation with Genomic Medicine


Understand how environmental toxins are impacting your patients, and how you can use Genomic Medicine to provide personalized solutions.



In this 1+ hour course, you’ll gain an appreciation for how recent natural disasters are adding to the burden of toxins encountered by your patients, and how they can impact their health.

We’ll walk you through the process of bio-transformation of these toxins and other chemicals we encounter in our daily lives. You’ll learn how they are bio-transformed through the four phases of detoxification, along with a brief overview of some of the genes that are involved.

Lastly, we’ll walk you through a case history to illustrate knowledge in action.

With all of this, you’ll understand how genomic testing can help you identify which of your patients can cope, and who cannot – and how to create personalized nutrigenomic strategies to help them prevent diseases related to buildup of these toxins.