Genomic Education

Staying at the forefront of medical advancement requires continuous learning. We offer a variety of online courses about genomics to suit any level of learning and experience. Many courses also include Culinary Genomics.

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  • E-Learning: Introductory level courses for those new to this topic.
  • Continuing Education: Intermediate and advanced level courses for medical and nutrition professionals. Most of these courses offer continuing education credits.
  • Certification: Advanced training program in Genomic Medicine and Culinary Genomics.
  • Consulting: Dr. Veltmann and/or Dr. Kline can also work with you one-on-one to accelerate your learning, give help with a challenging case, or help you fully integrate genomic medicine into your practice. Please contact us for more information.

Genomic Medicine & Culinary Genomics Training Program

Genomics is increasingly influencing healthcare, are you ready?

Some training program modules are also available individually as continuing education courses. See Continuing Education section.



Continuing Education


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