Genomics studies the interactions of the environment and our DNA. With 20,000–25,000 genes that contain over 3 billion base pairs of DNA, our genome provides the blueprint for everything that happens in our bodies.

Genomic Tests

Genomic testing starts with collecting a small DNA sample with a simple cheek swab. At our certified laboratory, we detect and evaluate small genetic variations called SNPs, or single nucleotide polymorphisms. We carefully select the SNPs that are backed by scientific studies, and have actionable steps you can use to improve your health. We offer 10 unique nutritional genomic tests and a comprehensive pharmacogenomic test. Each test analyzes and translates large amounts of genomic data into personalized and actionable information, addressing different broad or specialized areas of concern.

Genomic tests can only be ordered by approved clinicians. If you are looking to order a genomic test, please contact us for providers in your area.

Personalized Medicine

The data inherent in genomic testing provides an unparalleled depth of information about any targeted health condition, enabling more precise insight into contributing factors, and tailored prevention and treatment strategies that are based on your unique biochemistry and genetic predispositions.

Start Learning

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The following materials, brochures, and e-books provide information about genomic testing, analysis and reporting, as the foundation for personalized medicine.