Aerobic Performance, Nutrition, Injury + Recovery

People who are physically active tend to live longer. Regular exercise is important for stress reduction, weight management, brain functioning, detoxification, and much more.

There are more than 70 genes linked to athletic performance for both the elite athlete as well as the weekend warrior. Genes can impact the risk of injury, recovery time, power vs. endurance, oxidative stress and inflammation, along with the utilization of nutrients associated with aerobic activity, strength, and conditioning.

With genomic testing and interpretation, clinicians can tailor a nutrition and exercise program to an individual’s needs, achieving higher levels of performance and minimizing exercise-induced injuries.

The Athletic Performance and Ultimate Wellness genomic test panels provide information on:

Aerobic Performance, Eating Behaviors, Inflammation and Injury, Methylation, Nutrient Utilization, Oxidative Stress, Power vs Endurance, Recovery Time.