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Genomics & Corporate Wellness: The Perfect Fit

Organizations need an engaging and effective wellness initiative to stay current and competitive. But many programs fall short because they are not personalized.

Genomic Medicine is the answer.

Outcomes we can help you achieve

Reduce Healthcare


Improve Business


Build a Great

Company Culture

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Go beyond a standard health risk assessment and biometric screening and find out what each person really needs. We work with your employees to dig deeper to identify root causes of their illnesses, and create strategies to prevent diseases that may be lurking in their DNA.

With their genomic blueprint and personalized action plan, your employees are empowered with precise solutions to help them reach their health goals, giving them the energy to focus on what’s really important.

Leaders in Personalized Corporate Wellness

Genoma International’s co-founders have more than 24 years collective experience using comprehensive, clinically-focused genomic medicine to tailor prevention and treatment programs to the needs of each individual.

In a four-year project with a Fortune 100 company, we’ve demonstrated that this approach improves health outcomes and saves money.

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precise & impressive results

Our corporate wellness programs deliver impressive outcomes, addressing a wide variety of areas of health and wellness:

cardiovascular disease
elevated cholesterol
 type 2 diabetes
metabolic syndrome
autoimmune disease
neurodegenerative disease
Alzheimer’s disease
breast cancer
prostate cancer
chemical toxins
premature aging
and more …

Real World Results. Lasting Benefits.


Genoma International co-founder, Dr. Joe Veltmann, developed and implemented a personalized, DNA-directed program using genomic medicine for a 16,000 member, self-insured Florida company. This comprehensive genomic medicine model:

Resulted in cost savings of 20% annually for 4 years
Improved health outcomes in participants
Identified and mitigated hidden chronic disease risks with evidenced-based interventions


Genomic Medicine is an integration of comprehensive genomic testing, integrative medicine and nutrition, all within a whole-person model of health. This approach creates better outcomes and provides a foundation for comprehensive health solutions.

Our proprietary GENESIS Matrix™ Model, developed by Dr. Veltmann, has been proven effective in both clinical practice and corporate wellness programs.

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Partner with Genoma International

Together, we create a program specific to your needs, goals and budget. Programs range from transforming your cafeteria with a nutrigenomically-focused menu, lunch-and-learn workshops, to implementing a comprehensive genomic healthcare program for your employees.

Whether you’re just exploring this new approach, or you’re ready to create a genomic medicine program, we make sure your strategies are well thought out and designed to bring real results.

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