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Providing the tools and resources you need to create a thriving Genomic Medicine practice.

Discover GENESIS MatrixTM

Our revolutionary framework analyzes the interplay of genes with six additional elements to create a personalized health plan.

Proven to improve health and reduce healthcare expenses, the GENESIS MatrixTM helps you make sense of all the data to keep the person front and center.

Harness the power of genomic testing

Genomic testing can reveal the answers you and your patients are looking for. Our comprehensive nutritional genomic and pharmacogenomic tests provide deep insights into each patient's unique health needs.

Explore the exciting field of Genomic Medicine

Dive into the evolution of genomics and how it’s transforming modern healthcare.

From short courses and our Genomic Medicine Certification Program, to clinical support, you'll find everything you need to succeed.

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Membership offers access to education, clinical support, special pricing and many other benefits. Get started for free.

What Clinicians Say

"Using genomic testing has dramatically changed the direction of my patient care. I no longer fear that I missed something or misunderstanding a test result. For my patients, they better understand the how and why of who they are in sickness and in health."

Mary Louder DO

"I really enjoyed the Training Program. I have learned so much and believe this is truly nutrition’s future. It is so hard being a practitioner and not having answers for clients desperately seeking them…and sending them back on the path of trial and error."

Melissa Hehmann, RDN

"Prior to using Genoma, I was going through mountains of 23 & Me reports, and it was just not a productive use of my time. The reports generated with the Genoma testing get right to the point, so I can spend much more time with patients developing treatment plans."

Kim McConnell, MS, RDN, LDN, CLT

"Genoma's incredibly comprehensive combination of testing and interpretive, action-steps are unparalleled. Genoma makes it super easy to understand and know very specifically what to do with the information—worth every penny."

Susan Allen., RD, CCN

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