What Genomics Can Do For Your Practice

Typical one-size-fits-all, trial and error, and crisis-driven approaches to healthcare are expensive, inefficient, out-of-date, and produce mixed results. Genomic testing provides scientific data on a level that that wasn’t available before, allowing clinicians to tailor healthcare at the individual level with vastly improved precision. Genomic testing and analysis is transforming medical care, and enabling an entirely new business model.

Patients are becoming more involved in healthcare decisions. They are diving deeper, trying to understand their symptoms, conditions and appropriate interventions. Many are trying to be more proactive, make good choices, and understand that behaviors, such as diet and exercise, have an impact on their wellness, longevity, and the ability to heal.

Genoma International can evaluate predispositions for over 200 health conditions, targeting specific biological areas and biochemical pathways. Genomic data provides unparalleled insights into complex gene-gene and gene-environmental interconnectivity. Clinicians can leverage this information to provide personalized, preventive and treatment plans—delivering up-to-date medical care to their patients.

We offer many e-Learning opportunities and a Certification Program to support the development of a genomically-informed, comprehensive approach to healthcare.

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