Genomic Medicine  CERTIFICATION Program

Transform Your Practice With Genomic Medicine

Are you ready for a bigger challenge… to dive deeper, getting to know your patients from the inside out?

Do you want better answers to your patients’ questions about the Why, What and How?

  • Why did I get this disease?
  • What can I do that will work for me?
  • How can I eliminate the guesswork as to what I need to achieve optimal health?

Genomic Medicine provides the answers.

Genoma International’s Genomic Medicine Training Program is designed to help you harness the power of our comprehensive genomic testing and profitably integrate genomic medicine and nutrition into your practice.

This in-depth course will enable you to become an expert genomic medicine practitioner – using genomics within a comprehensive health model. You’ll guide your patients with confidence and lead your colleagues in this genomic revolution.

for clinicians seeking excellence

This is an in-depth course for Healthcare Professionals who want to be on the cutting edge of personalized healthcare. You’ll dive deeply into genomics and learn how to create a successful genomic medicine or nutrition practice.

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The Science

The Model

The Business

Gain a deep understanding of the science plus a clinical model.

Genomic Medicine is growing quickly, and with it comes a lot of data. To use genomic testing effectively, you need more than just a primer on gene SNPs. This course will help you build a solid foundation to understand genomics both now and in the future.

Along with an in-depth look at the science that underlies genomics, you’ll learn how to use the GENESIS Matrix™ clinical model, which has been used successfully to integrate genomics into clinical practice since 2001, and is also the basis for our Corporate Health and Wellness Genomic Medicine Programs.

You’ll also benefit from unique professional development and marketing resources to help you create a sustainable genomic medicine or nutrition practice.

Join A Community of Innovative Clinicians Who Are Changing Healthcare

This course should be mandatory for anyone pursuing personalized medicine: Genomics demystified. This course looks at the impact of genomics on our biochemical soup–the molecular basis of human physiology. With well-considered scientific evidence and a digestible review of biochemistry, Joe Veltmann and Bobbi Kline carefully provide information aimed to generate practical, client-specific lifestyle and nutritional prescriptions that up- or down-regulate genes and molecular pathways to promote wellness.

What an awesome course!! An added bonus is the genomic test panel each participant gets of themselves. Highly recommended!

– Mary Jo Fishburn MD

I’ve really enjoyed the course thus far. I have learned SO much already and believe this is truly nutrition’s future. It is so hard being a practitioner and not having answers for clients desperately seeking them…and sending them back on the path of trial and error. Practicing nutrigenomics will not only provide precise recommendations for clients, but also a clearer path for practitioners.

– Melissa Hehmann, RDN

Genoma International’s Culinary Genomics and Genomic Medicine Training program is unparalleled.  Dr. Joe and Dr. Bobbi present the coursework in a sophisticated way that is both engaging and easy for the Clinician to understand.  I would highly recommend this invaluable program to all Functional Medicine practitioners.

– Jasmine Singh, PharmD

I’ve been using your testing for about a year, and I thought I knew a lot already – this course has been fun and well worth it. I love how you weave together the science and the whole-person clinical approach. I am so excited to be understanding the underlying biochemistry and the connections between systems at an even deeper level, and how the genes can really influence them. This has completely changed my practice!

– Dr. M. L.

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