Case Studies


Genomics and Breast Cancer: Case Study

Meet Alicia. She’s 67, vibrantly healthy, and loving life. But 12 years ago she lived in constant fear. That's when her mother died from estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer. Alicia was told it was not the hereditary kind, so not to worry and there was...

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Genomics and Heart Disease: Case Study

Connecting the Clinical Dots Using Genomic Testing The power of genomic medicine lies in the ability of the clinician to connect data from a person’s genomic test, laboratory results, and lifestyle to then recommend disease prevention or treatment strategies that are...

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Genomics and Weight Loss: Case Study

How do you help your patients lose weight to improve their health? This is a challenge for many, and the one-size-fits-all approach often falls short. Genomics can provide the added insight you need to help them succeed in obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight....

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Genomics and Anxiety: Case Study

A Genomic Medicine Approach to Anxiety Jessica felt helpless, hopeless and alone. She had just turned 18, realizing her dream of living in the big city, yet something was getting in the way. She struggled with worsening anxiety, felt exhausted, was not eating well,...

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