About Us

Genoma International is revolutionizing healthcare with Genomic Medicine. Far beyond just genomic testing, clinicians need a model and support to become effective leaders in transforming their own practices to benefit themselves, their patients, and their communities.

Through our comprehensive genomic testing, GENESIS Matrix™ clinical model, plus professional education and training, we support clinicians worldwide in creating this new type of practice. A sustainable, rewarding practice that is truly personalized to each individual’s DNA blueprint.

Whether delivered through individual clinicians or corporate wellness programs, our Genomic Medicine model provides the answers people need for creating personalized solutions for optimal health throughout life.

Our Co-founders

Genoma International’s co-founders are accomplished professionals who combine an impressive scientific and clinical background. Together they have more than 60 years of experience in healthcare, with more than 20 years collective experience using clinical genomics, helping thousands of people create optimal health through private practice and corporate wellness settings. They bring this unparalleled experience and expertise to ensure our genomic testing, education and corporate wellness programs are clinically focused, grounded in solid science, and provide real results.

Joe Veltmann, PhD, FAAIM, DCCN

Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Veltmann is a scientist, healthcare practitioner, author, teacher and expert in genomic testing and interpretation.

With over 40 years of experience as a researcher and practitioner, Dr. Veltmann has made a career of translating lab results into practical clinical applications for patients around the world. He achieved international recognition as the pioneering developer of the GENESIS Matrix™ holistic health model that explored the interactions between seven key variables to create better preventive health strategies.

In 2001, Dr. Veltmann added genomic testing and interpretation to the GENESIS Matrix™ in an effort to uncover predispositions for chronic diseases and cancer, long before symptoms appear. His approach led to improved outcomes for both patients in his private practice as well as the participants in a flagship corporate wellness program. The program was able to realize 20% annual cost savings over a period of four years, while delivering improved health and disease prevention for its members.

As a nutritional biochemist, Dr. Veltmann developed and taught nutrition science programs to graduate students while an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. Author of more than 30 published scientific papers that have been cited more than 1800 times, Dr. Veltmann continues to apply this scientific rigor to genomic medicine. He regularly presents informative webinars educating healthcare professionals and the general public. He has been the keynote speaker at numerous conferences on nutrition, integrative health, and genomics. Dr. Veltmann is co-author of the Blood Type Cookbook: Easy, Healthy and Delicious Recipes for the Whole Family, and Genome-Guided Metabolic Therapies in Metabolic Therapies in Orthopedics by CRC Press.

Dr. Veltmann was also a pioneer in the development of functional medicine, contributing his deep scientific knowledge and clinical experience to the incubator group that eventually became the Institute for Functional Medicine. He currently maintains a clinical consulting practice with Dr. Kline.

As co-founder and Chief Science Officer, he brings his expertise in nutritional biochemistry and genomic science, teaching, clinical and genomic medicine and corporate wellness programs to Genoma International. He is also a nutritional product formulator, and is currently CSO for Medifood, in addition to formulating Genoma International’s proprietary supplements. Dr. Veltmann has also provided consulting for nutritional product development and marketing for Fortune 100 companies including Nestle, General Mills, Purina, Pfizer, Unilever, S.C. Johnson & Co, Bush Brothers, Lipton and Dove. His previous positions include co-founder and CSO for Genomics Solutions Now and NCG Health Solutions; CSO for Estrogen Gene Test Company.


Roberta Kline, MD, FACOG

Co-founder, CEO

Dr. Kline is a board-certified Ob-Gyn physician, author, educator, genomics expert and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others harness the power of DNA-directed healthcare.

Dr. Kline graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Connecticut. She received her medical degree from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine under an Air Force Health Professions scholarship, and completed her Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Wright Patterson AFB earning multiple honors. After 10 years serving in the Air Force, she became a partner in a large private practice, managing more than 40 employees in addition to providing Ob-Gyn care.

Feeling limited by conventional medicine, she transformed her traditional practice by embracing innovative scientific advancements and holistic elements. As she incorporated genomics into her practice, she experienced first-hand the power of an integrated DNA-directed approach. She became an advocate for personalized genomic medicine, working to extend this model beyond her private practice.

But having good clinical skills is not a guarantee of success for innovative clinicians, and she wanted to use her experience to help others. She co-founded the Connecticut Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce to share her knowledge and that of other experts in the community, empowering practitioners with valuable practice-building tools, networking and resources.

As an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Kline created and taught courses on functional and genomic medicine. She was an integral member of a group of clinicians selected to create the didactic functional medicine curriculum for a new Family Practice Residency Program—the first such program in the country. Dr. Kline was also a Guest Faculty Instructor for The Graduate Institute, where she developed and delivered the 3-day course on functional and genomic medicine within a holistic health model. She continues to teach about the power of genomic medicine through writing, webinars, conferences and workshops for both the general public and healthcare professionals. Dr. Kline is co-author of the Blood Type Cookbook: Easy, Healthy and Delicious Recipes for the Whole Family, and Genome-Guided Metabolic Therapies in Metabolic Therapies in Orthopedics by CRC Press. She maintains a clinical consulting practice with Dr. Veltmann.

As co-founder and CEO, she brings her expertise in healthcare, practice development, genomic science and education, along with clinical and genomic medicine to Genoma International. Her previous positions include co-founder and CEO of Genomic Solutions Now and NCG Health Solutions.


Advisory Team


Amanda Archibald, RD

Culinary Genomics Advisor

Widely recognized for her trailblazing work as a culinary nutritionist and dietitian, Amanda has a longstanding commitment to redefining the food, nutrition and cooking education footprint in ways that make them understandable, meaningful and fundamentally achievable.

Her cutting edge work in Culinary Genomics, unveiled in 2015, has created a new frontier, uniting the fields of Genomic Medicine with the Culinary Arts. Through this work, Amanda is placing food, chefs and the kitchen at the epicenter of healing and igniting a new nutrition conversation for the world.

Amanda teaches culinary genomics in the Genomic Medicine & Culinary Genomics Training Program, and brings her expertise and vision to advise Genoma International’s courses and collaborate on numerous projects that advance nutrigenomics and how to translate that into meals on the plate.



Corporate Wellness Team


Shelley Myers, MS, RN, FMCHC

Corporate Wellness Success Manager

Shelley brings her extensive experience developing corporate wellness programs to Genoma International. As a Registered Nurse, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Shelley believes in a collaborative, team approach to patient-centered healthcare of mind, body and spirit.

She has certifications in integrative health and health coaching from IIN and IFM.  She will gain certification as a Genomic Medicine clinician in 2018.

With a master’s degree in Medical Informatics, Shelley also combines her unique skillset to effect change in healthcare on a larger scale. She has worked as a corporate healthcare consultant for companies including Healthstring and Crossover Health. As a lead project manager, she has helped to create corporate health and wellness programs for clients large and small, including Wrigley, Co, Apple and Facebook.


Sue Bentsen, MS, CN, RN

Corporate Wellness Clinical Consultant

Sue Bentsen empowers people to achieve their health goals to realize their full health potential through comprehensive, personalized nutrition.

As a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Registered Nurse with advanced training in nutrigenomics & personalized medicine, Sue is one of the few nutritionists in the country certified in Dr. Bredesen’s MPI Cognition™ ReCODE Protocol. Sue will gain additional certification in Genomic Medicine & Culinary Genomics in 2018.

She utilizes integrative strategies for comprehensive dietary and lifestyle changes by understanding each person’s unique health goals and challenges, providing knowledge and tools to implement change towards better health and improved collaboration with health care providers. She specializes in identifying nutrient deficiencies, food and chemical intolerances, metabolic or hormone dysregulation, environmental triggers and core clinical imbalances to realize one’s full health potential.


Gayatri Saldivar, MS, RDN

Corporate Wellness Clinical Consultant

Gayatri is passionate about translating the science of nutritional genomics into the every-day plate, so everyone can benefit from optimal gene expression and improved health outcomes.

She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in gut health and nutritional genomics using the founding principles of Integrative & Functional Nutrition. Gayatri currently consults with clients in her private practice, plus she provides virtual healthcoaching services to improve telomere health through diet and lifestyle. Additionally, Gayatri provides live virtual diet and lifestyle support for Yes Health, a mobile health app that offers an on demand National Diabetes Prevention Program.

In her private practice, Gayatri works with clients specializing in gut health, food sensitivities, autoimmune, thyroid conditions, mental health, and weight loss. She offers functional diagnostic biomarker testing integrated with a genomic blueprint information to better understand the root-cause of health conditions, and personalize the road to wellness for each client. Gayatri will gain certification in Genomic Medicine & Culinary Genomics in 2018.


Technical Team


Senthil Siva 

Lead Software Developer

Senthil brings over 25 years of experience of project management, system analysis, design and development to Genoma International to lead software development and design. He has managed projects large and small, with both direct and supervisory roles. Senthil has previously developed software solutions for a wide range of applications, including genetic testing and other healthcare applications requiring compliance with CLIA/HIPAA regulations, to large-scale government projects.