Men’s Health

Heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases rank at the top of men’s health concerns. A multitude of factors are involved, and the fact that every person is genetically different adds to this complexity. Analyzing a patient’s unique genomic profile is a highly-effective first step in being able to personalize prevention or treatment.

Cumulative estrogen exposure can increase the risk for prostate cancer. Poor detoxification of estrogen can exacerbate a man’s prostate cancer risk. Although not well publicized, men get osteoporosis, too—up to 1 in 4 men will suffer from fracture-related osteoporosis.

A man’s genomic profile identifies the potential for suboptimal hormone metabolism, and the inability to process certain cancer-preventing nutrients. A clinician can use this information to provide personalized health strategy.

The Detox Essentials, Detox Complete, and Complete Health genomic test panels provide insight into hormonal metabolism. CardioMetabolic, Emotional-Cognitive, and Ultimate Wellness genomic test panels provide insight into the broader areas of Men’s Health.

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