GENOMIC TESTING Comprehensive, holistic and life-transforming

Help your patients rewrite their story.


The Power of Genomic Testing

While we can’t change our genes, we can 100% change their environment they play in. With Genoma International’s comprehensive genomic testing, we empower your patients to work with their DNA, instead of against it. The powerful results we get from their DNA are proven to help you rewrite their story towards the happy and healthy lifestyle your patients deserve.


Testing is quick and easy

Sample collection is quick and easy with a simple cheek swab. The DNA is then analyzed in a CLIA and CAP certified lab using our proprietary selection of genes that meet a strict set of criteria. Each evaluated gene SNP is thoroughly researched for its impact and effective action steps.


Testing is only the beginning. What makes us different is what happens next.


Our advanced approach: the Polygenic Model

Genomics has evolved to closely consider multiple genes together instead of looking at only a single gene. Understanding how each gene works reveals a wealth of information into what makes each person who they are from the inside out. This advanced approach is the foundation of our revolutionary genomic testing.



Creating a holistic view: The GENESIS Matrix™

We offer the most comprehensive genomic tests to help you provide exceptional care for your patients. With the knowledge gained from our tests, you change the lives of each and every person thanks to a clear and personal DNA-directed plan.

But all that data can be overwhelming for you and your patient. The GENESIS Matrix™ is the solution.

This proprietary health model we created is essential to helping you fuse genomic testing together with a whole-person and full spectrum model of health. This approach leads to improved health outcomes and huge savings on healthcare costs for both individuals and corporate healthcare programs.

Curious to learn more about the GENESIS Matrix™?

Ultimate Wellness Test

Integrating both nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, the Ultimate Wellness genomic test selectively evaluates 140 gene SNPs and delivers detailed, gender-specific reports with all the juicy in-depth, analytical information you need to provide personalized clinical care. We help you do this by utilizing our clinically-focused systems-based approach:

  • Applying our advanced polygenic model to evaluate multiple genes within biochemical pathways and biological systems.
  • Integrating numerous biochemical pathways that may impact a biological system or disease process.
  • Organizing information by physiologic or health systems, making it easy to see the patterns.
  • Providing specific action steps for diet, lifestyle, exercise, and supplements along with suggested biomarkers.

Are you ready to get the results you need to start changing lives?

Pharmacogenomic Test

Going beyond just pharmacogenetics, our advanced pharmacogenomic test evaluates more than 40 genes to help you choose the best medication at the right dosage—and at the right time. Our report also provides you with:

  • Specific guidelines outlining a patient’s current medications.
  • Reports on more than 240 potentially impacted medications.
  • Patient summaries to carry with them and to share with other providers.

What clinicians say

"When we know a patient’s genomic profile, we can quite literally build and rebuild the body with acceptance of our genome and support of its perceived shortcomings in a cellular, emotional and spiritual sense."

Dr. Mary L.

The reports generated with the Genoma testing get right to the point, so I can spend much more time with patients developing treatment plans that meet their individual needs.


There is more information in my report than I’ve received in a life-time of medical visits. And even with my nutrition know-how, I have more direction now than I could have ever imagined. So much makes sense now that I know my Genomics. Genoma makes it super easy to understand and know very specifically what to do with the information—worth every penny.

Susan A., RD, CCN