According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, more than 80,000 toxic chemicals have been developed in the last century. Toxins in food and the environment can compromise the natural detoxification process, and have a detrimental effect on the immune system. Cleansing diets and fasting regimens are commonly used to cleanse liver, colon, and other organs, with the goal of improving overall health and wellbeing. However, each person is unique, and processes toxins in very different ways, requiring individualized strategies for optimal detoxification.

Genomic testing and interpretation identifies potential weaknesses in an individual’s innate ability to metabolize different toxins, and provides the clinical insights required to formulate effective, personalized interventions.

Our Detox Complete, Complete Health and Ultimate Wellness genomic test panels provide a personalized guide to optimizing detoxification of many substances, including:

Hormones, Heavy Metals, Organic Pollutants, Smoke, and other Toxins.

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