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Learn about our revolutionary framework for personalized health. The GENESIS MatrixTM analyzes genes in the context of seven life elements for a comprehensive, holistic view. 

For Clinicians

Unlock health secrets with DNA testing

Genomic testing can reveal hidden answers to your patients’ health issues and questions. Our proprietary reports analyze the interconnected role of genes to create a roadmap to better health.

Join the Genomic revolution.

Genomic medicine is transforming the way we optimize our health, one person at a time. Discover how Genomics can improve the health of your patients, your employees or yourself.

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Find the answers you’re looking for and start an individualized journey to better health. Our Wellness Center offers testing, consultations and more. Dig into your DNA.

I have more direction now than I could have ever imagined. So much makes sense now that I know my Genomics. Susan A., RD, CCN