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We’re mapping the road to better health.

The Power of Genomic Medicine

Rewrite health stories from the inside out

Empower your patients to work with their DNA instead of against it. While we can’t change our genes, we can 100% change their environment they play in.

It starts with comprehensive genomic testing

Change the lives of each and every patient thanks to a clear and personal DNA-directed plan.

The powerful results we get from their DNA are proven to help you rewrite their story towards the happy and healthy lifestyle your patients deserve.

It's not enough to know the basics of SNPs. Understanding how genes impact health - individually, interacting with each other, and within biological systems - reveals a wealth of information into what makes each person who they are from the inside out.

Creating a holistic view: The GENESIS Matrix™

But all that data can be overwhelming for you and your patient. The GENESIS Matrix™ is the solution. This proven proprietary health model is our shining star that puts all the pieces together.

It helps you prioritize what's most important to provide exceptional care for your patients. Go far beyond the genes to uncover and optimize the whole person for a lifetime of health.

Supporting your success

Our membership program is designed to give you all the tools and support you need to be a Genomic Medicine expert.

We've been practicing clinical genomic medicine since 2001. Become a member and benefit from all of our experience and expertise. In addition to genomic testing, you'll get the education, resources and clinical support you need to become a genomic medicine expert.

Your patients get the lasting results they've been looking for, and you get the success you've been dreaming of: clinical results, happy patients, and a booming business doing good in the world.

Ready to start thriving?

Join the Genomic revolution.

Genomic medicine is transforming the way we optimize our health, one person at a time. Discover how Genomics can improve the health of your patients, your employees or yourself.

I have more direction now than I could have ever imagined. So much makes sense now that I know my Genomics. Susan A., RD, CCN

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