Current Approaches to Healthcare Are Not Working

The one-size-fits-all approach in medicine is failing us all with dire consequences.

The science tells us that most of today’s chronic diseases are primarily driven by diet and lifestyle.  But why do some people suffer diseases and others don’t? And why do some people respond to certain interventions and not others?

Your patients are seeking answers to these important questions. They want to know that their care is individualized to them.

As clinicians, you want the freedom to spend time with patients and have the appropriate tools to build personalized prevention and treatment strategies. Tools that are easy to use, provide answers, and help patients achieve their goals.

Genomic Medicine provides the answers

End the guessing game of trial-and-error approaches. With comprehensive, DNA-directed strategies, you know with precision that you have the right intervention for the right person at the right time.

Everyone gets the answers they need, saving time, money and resources.

Differentiate yourself and your practice. Start working WITH DNA, not against it.

Every disease has a story. Genomics helps you rewrite it.

Revealing a person’s DNA blueprint gives you deeper insights into the underlying mechanisms of the disease process. Using this information builds the foundation for truly personalized treatment and prevention strategies.

Moreover, your patients gain invaluable awareness into who they are from the inside out – right down to their DNA  – and with it an opportunity for healing on a deeper level.

THE GENESIS Matrix™ model.


Using Genoma International’s comprehensive, scientifically-guided and clinically focused testing within our whole-person GENESIS Matrix™ model, along with in-depth education and clinical support, you have all the tools you need to create a successful genomic medicine or nutrition practice.

The potential is unlimited

Genomic medicine provides the cornerstone for a revolutionary way to practice, now and in the future.

It will reignite your passion for your profession, empowering you to elevate the care you give with personalized, DNA-directed health plans. And create a rewarding, sustainable practice for yourself.