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Genomic medicine has transformed how we map each person’s journey to optimal health.

For Clinicians

Enhance Your Clinical Practice

Accelerate your patients’ journey to optimal health, and create a thriving business for you. You can offer patients a highly-personalized treatment or prevention plan thanks to revolutionary developments in genomics. Join us to access all the tools and resources you need to integrate genomic medicine into your practice.

For Individuals

Achieve Optimal Health

Reveal the answers hidden in your DNA. Visit our Wellness Center to learn how you can work with us. We analyze your DNA blueprint to generate a comprehensive report, and then put it all together using our proven GENESIS Matrix model for a complete view of YOU - from the inside out. Together we create a personalized and transformative action plan to improve your health. 

Explore Genomic Medicine

Wellness Center

Work with us for a healthiest version of you. Leave behind trial and error, and get on the path of optimal health with your own  personalized roadmap.


You are so much more than your genes.  Our proprietary GENESIS Matrix is designed to uncover and optimize the whole you for a lifetime of health.

Genomic Education

It’s time to elevate your practice and win with genomics.  Our courses help you create personalized health plans for real results.

Genomic Testing

Our comprehensive proprietary genomic tests provide answers and actionable results for you and your clients.

Corporate Wellness

What would you do with a 20% reduction in your organization’s healthcare expenses?  Launch Genoma’s Genomic Wellness Program and dare to dream.


Get help with a challenging patient, or your own professional development. Our experts understand how to connect the dots by using genomic medicine.


Get rid of all those bottles and stop guessing at what you need. Our nutrigenomic supplements are designed for your genes.


We are your trusted experts in genomic medicine.  Explore our libraries and take a deep dive into our world.

For Employers

Be Part of a
Wellness Revolution

Help your employees achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our Wellness Program uses genomic testing to create a personalized prevention and treatment plan for each person in your company. These highly-tailored plans address the interplay of genes and environment in many chronic diseases and illnesses. This ground-breaking approach offers your employees new insight into how they can achieve optimal health.

What Clinicians Say

When we know a patient’s genomic profile, we can quite literally build and rebuild the body with acceptance of our genome and support of its perceived shortcomings in a cellular, emotional and spiritual sense.

I no longer fear that I missed something or misunderstanding a test result. For the patients, they better understand the how and why of who they are in sickness and in health.

Using genomic testing has dramatically changed the direction of my patient care. The care is truly individualized and patient outcomes are more systemically better because of this holistic approach.

Mary Louder DO

I really enjoyed the Training Program. I have learned SO much and believe this is truly nutrition’s future. It is so hard being a practitioner and not having answers for clients desperately seeking them…and sending them back on the path of trial and error.

I am excited to now have my certification! Practicing nutrigenomics not only provides precise recommendations for clients, but also a clearer path for practitioners.


Melissa Hehmann, RDN

Genoma is my go-to for genomic testing.

Prior to using Genoma, I was going through mountains of 23 & Me reports, and it was just not a productive use of time for both patients and myself.

The reports generated with the Genoma testing get right to the point, and you can spend much more time with patients developing treatment plans that meet their individual needs.

Kim McConnell, MS, RDN, LDN, CLT

I consider the incredibly comprehensive combination of testing and interpretive, action-step oriented results Genoma provides unparalleled.

There is more information in my report than I've received in a life-time of medical visits. And even with my nutrition know-how, I have more direction now than I could have ever much makes sense now that I know my Genomics.

Genoma makes it super easy to understand and know very specifically what to do with the information—worth every penny.

Susan Allen., RD, CCN

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