Advancing Healthcare Using Genomic Medicine

Containing over 20,000 genes and 3 billion base pairs of DNA, the human genome is the blueprint for everything that happens in our bodies. Genoma International accesses this wealth of data, radically improving a clinician’s ability to precisely target specific health concerns, and develop interventions specifically tailored to each patient’s unique biochemistry.

We offer comprehensive, clinically-based genomic testing and analysis services to qualified clinicians, providing individualized genomic roadmaps that can help uncover the root cause of a health condition, identify a patient’s susceptibility toward specific diseases, or guide prescribing of medications to maximize effectiveness and reduce adverse effects. With this information clinicians can develop effective, DNA-directed personalized interventions.

Our genomic education and certification programs help clinicians gain mastery of this complex new science, and provide a clinical framework to successfully integrate genomic medicine into practice.


Genomic Applications Include: