Advancing Healthcare With Genomic Medicine

Genoma International provides individualized, DNA-directed roadmaps for optimal health.

With comprehensive, clinically-focused nutritional genomic and pharmacogenomic testing and a clinical healthcare model, we help you create personalized prevention and treatment strategies for chronic diseases – with proven results.

Feel empowered with Personalized Genomic Medicine. The future of healthcare is here.

Revolutionize the way you deliver healthcare using genomic medicine.

  • Understand at the DNA level what makes each person unique
  • Answer key questions people have about their health—the How, What & Why
  • Provide personalized, effective strategies for disease prevention and treatment

Transform your practice and improve patient outcomes with DNA-directed healthcare.

  • Uncover the root cause of a health condition and create personalized solutions
  • Identify a person’s susceptibility toward specific diseases and provide prevention strategies
  • Prescribe medications with precision, improving efficacy and reducing adverse effects

Learn from experts who have been changing lives with genomic medicine since 2001.

  • Enhance your existing knowledge with cutting edge science and clinical applications
  • Gain new tools and skills for providing personalized healthcare with genomic medicine
  • Integrate genomic testing within a whole-person clinical matrix for optimal outcomes

Improve employee health and boost your bottom line with DNA-directed healthcare.

  • Save healthcare dollars with our proven, comprehensive approach to wellness
  • Benefit from increased employee engagement, health and well-being
  • Attract and retain top talent with cutting-edge wellness program benefits


What professionals and patients are saying about Genoma International:

“Genoma is my go-to for genomic testing. Prior to using Genoma, I was going through mountains of 23 & Me reports, and it was just not a productive use of time for both patients and myself. The reports generated with the Genoma testing get right to the point, and you can spend much more time with patients developing treatment plans that meet their individual needs.” —Kim M., MS, RDN, LDN, CLT


“After having been treated for breast cancer and now struggling with autoimmune disease, my genomic profile revealed some of the reasons why I had been vulnerable to these and other conditions I was contending with. Having this information was priceless, as it enabled my physician to personalize my healthcare plan. It has made a world of difference in my health and my life.”  —Lisa A.

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Genomic Applications Include: